House Rules

House Rules for TriGreen Equipment Facebook & Social Media

This TriGreen Equipment Facebook page is intended to provide a place for TriGreen Equipment fans to discuss the company, its products or promotions. We encourage open and dynamic conversation. To maintain a friendly and respectful environment for fans of all ages, we require you to follow the rules outlined below.

We expect users of this page to follow the Facebook community guidelines as well as our following rules: 

– We reserve the right to correct factual errors.

– You may not post anything that is spam, advertising of outside sources or links, a violation of intellectual property or law, abusive, profane or defamatory toward a person, entity or belief. Content that falls into these categories will be removed and anyone posting repeated violations will be banned from the page.

– Because safety around equipment is critical, we will remove videos and pictures portraying unsafe operation of equipment, including unsafe depictions of children on or near equipment.

– While we encourage lively conversation, we reserve the right to delete comments at our discretion.