Is Compact Construction Equipment the Right Choice for You?

posted on Monday, January 17, 2022 in How To

Is Compact Construction Equipment the Right Choice for You?

Size isn’t everything, especially when it comes to construction equipment. There is a reason that compact construction equipment has become a popular choice of machinery in the construction, logging, and forestry industries. Not only are these machines powerful, but their size makes them easier to maneuver when performing the same tasks as larger machines. Additionally, compact construction equipment generally provides a lower cost of ownership.

So when is compact construction equipment the right choice for you?

The advantages of compact construction equipment

Fuel efficiency, versatility, and ease of operation are all qualities coveted by today’s contractors. Compact construction equipment uses less fuel while delivering the power and production you need. Contractors often find themselves having to operate within confined spaces, and compact equipment is highly maneuverable within small spaces. They are able to perform a number of different tasks and can be turned into a multi-purpose machine with a variety of attachments.

Productivity is important, but safety is also a priority. Technological advancements have helped improve the safety of compact construction equipment, with 360-degree cameras, back-up cameras, proximity sensors, and alarms among the safety-minded innovations.

When is compact construction equipment the right choice?

Compact construction equipment are sought after for their capabilities, flexibility, and lower cost of entry. But there are other considerations beyond boosting productivity. Compact excavators, for example, are ideal for smaller companies that can save on costs by only having to use smaller trucks and trailers for transporting the equipment. Additionally, the lower weight of the equipment means your driver won’t be required to have as many certifications.

On the job, smaller equipment allows the operator to work closer to the task at hand with improved sight lines, improving the overall quality of the work. Compact construction equipment can improve the quality of work in other ways, as well. If you’re working on asphalt, over-compaction can occur when an oversized compactor is being used. You’re at reduced risk for over-compaction, which can result in erosion, with a compact track loader.

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