Six Ways to Make the Most of Your John Deere Test-Drive

posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 in Residential Property Tips

John Deere Test Drive

Questions to Answer Before Your Dealership Visit

Plus, TriGreen’s Drive Green Event Schedule!

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or repeat customer, finding and selecting the right riding lawn mower or compact tractor can be daunting. From researching lawn equipment online to visiting a dealership, our experts agree: a little homework goes a long way.

If you’re tired of caring for your lawn with a walk-behind mower, if your old riding mower is starting to show its age, if your property feels overwhelming, or if you’ve just always dreamed of owning a John Deere tractor, you’re smart to come kick the tires. And with Drive Green test-drive events coming up, we asked TriGreen’s product experts what you can do to be prepared for the best dealership test-drive experience. 

Answering these simple questions will help make for a more productive test-drive.

1. Who’s driving?

Family-Test-DriveBring all family members who will regularly drive the equipment you’re considering so they can get a feel because, with John Deere, feeling is believing. You’ll want to give everyone the chance to ask questions and get a feel for the ride, so they’re comfortable and in control when it’s time to put the equipment to work when you get back home.

2. How much grass are you mowing?

How-Much-grassPretty basic question. Pretty important answer. Getting the right equipment for your land can save you hours every week depending on the size of your lawn. Knowing how many acres you have and how long it usually takes you with your current equipment is a good starting point. Also, keep in mind the makeup of your yard (is it one big plot, or is it broken up with trees and flower beds?) so you’ll be prepared to tell the product experts exactly what you need.

3. Do you need more than a mower?

Light-Duty-TractorThink beyond the primary job you first considered when shopping for lawn equipment. Consider all the other kinds of work you can check off your list with the right equipment. Mowing a yard is the easy part. What about mulching a yard? What about hauling that mulch? Clearing debris? Digging and tilling a Garden? Maintaining dirt roads or gravel driveways? Installing a fence?

Before you visit, our experts recommend taking a stroll around your property and thinking about all the tasks you might need a John Deere for, as the right one will last you a decade or more. Going with a compact utility tractor and the right attachments, or a zero-turn riding mower instead of a base-model riding lawn mower, could make a huge difference.

4. What are your land’s extremes?

Property-Mowing-ObstaclesWhile you’re on that stroll we just mentioned, take note of what makes your property unique. How hilly is it? How steep is the steepest incline? What kind of terrain will you be driving your John Deere over and around regularly? How close together are any trees you’ll need to mow through? How many trees and obstacles are there? How narrow are any trails you’ll be taking or fence gates you’ll pass through? When you come in, be sure to share all your land’s ins and outs with our product experts for the best advice and recommendations.

5. Are you ready to have some fun?

Fun-Test-DriveTest-driving is all about finding the right fit for you and your land. Come with an open mind. Ask every question you can think of. Don’t hold back on putting the vehicles through the paces. See how they handle. Find the right amount of horsepower for you. Be inspired and ask about all of the different attachments. At TriGreen, we’ve heard and seen just about everything, so don’t hold back with any questions or hesitate to try something. As they say, the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask!

6. Is it Drive Green yet?

Fun-Drive-GreenOK, this last one is just for kicks. But, if you’re thinking about getting a John Deere and you’ve never been to a Drive Green event, it really is the best time to test-drive. The day is completely dedicated to getting folks in seats to find the best ride for them. We set up controlled areas with different terrains for you to really see the equipment in action. There are obstacles to maneuver around, implements to play with and piles of mulch to haul. You can put on, take off, and try out all sorts of attachments like front loaders, box blades, mower decks and more. It feels like being a kid with hands-on access to everything in the world’s coolest toy store. Oh, and we fire up the grill and give away door prizes all day long during Drive Green events. Have we twisted your arm enough yet?

There you have it. Think about these questions, then come eager to test-drive and find the right John Deere for you, your land and your family. And if you’re feeling extra eager, don’t be afraid to try out our product selector tool or shop online for new John Deere equipment before you come in.

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