Top Lawn Care Tools You Need for Fall Clean-Up

posted on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 in Residential Property Tips

Top Lawn Care Tools For Fall Clean-Up

Top Lawn Care Tools You Need for Fall Clean-Up

When the leaves have shaken loose from the trees and covered your lawn, you know that fall has arrived. And that means you suddenly have yard maintenance on your to-do list before winter takes hold and temperatures drop.

But before you start to dig into your to-do list, you may want to check the tools you have at your disposal. There may be one or two you don’t have in your garage or shed that could allow you to cut down on clean-up time and allow for more time relaxing in the comfort of your own home.

Essential Tools for Fall Clean-Up

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to making fall clean-up a breeze, and one or more of these tools could be the difference between an afternoon outside and a day of labor.

Leaf Blower

Before you start raking, grab your air-powered leaf blower and start pushing those leaves into piles. This will minimize the amount of raking required to clear your yard of every leaf.

Leaf Grabber

Raking and bagging do not have to be two separate tasks. The ergonomic design of a leaf grabber allows you to rake and scoop leaves at the same time for a more efficient operation.

Reusable Garden Waste Bags

What you bag your leaves in is as important as how you bag them. You don’t have to use standard garbage bags. Reusable garden waste bags can be found in a variety of sizes, and are water-resistant, tear-resistant, and of course environmentally friendly.


To shred your leaves and allow you to pack as much as possible into each bag, invest in a mulcher that allows you to dump the leaves in through the top and dispense with the shredded remains into a bag being held at the bottom of the machine.

Lawn Edger

Lawn care extends all the way to the edges. And if you plan to be removing snow from your driveway in a month or two, removing those overgrown edges is critical. A manual edger with a flat edge on the top of the cutter allows you to carefully maintain the edge of your lawn.

Nut Gatherer

Rakes are ineffective when it comes to picking up the nuts that have accumulated across your yard. But you don’t have to resign yourself to bending over and picking them all up yourself. Nut gatherers are a simple but effective and convenient tool for ridding your yard of acorns.


To account for all of the sticks you are likely to find among your leaves as you are raking, a pruner will enable you to cut them down as precisely as you would like and also avoid the razor-sharp edges that can result from snapping them with your hands.

Pull Saw

Not every tree branch requires a chainsaw. If you need to remove small or medium sized branches, a pull saw is a smaller but aggressive tool with the cutting ability to take care of them.

When you find yourself with more spare time than usual after completing your annual round of fall yard maintenance, there is no need to thank us!

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