Four Advantages of Using Compact Equipment for Landscaping

posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 in How To

Curious if compact machines are the right tools for your next landscaping project? Don’t count them out because of their small size. Compact construction equipment can achieve what their normal-sized counterparts can and more. If you’re still on the fence about purchasing small, here are four advantages of using compact equipment. 

Easier to maneuver

If your landscaping area is small and congested, it will not accommodate a full-sized machine. This is where compact-sized equipment can help. Smaller machines move faster and make turns more easily in tight spaces. This helps you get your work done faster and lowers the chances of accidental damage to surrounding property because compact equipment enables its operators to have a 360-degree view. 

Easier to service

Compact equipment are also easier to service. The machine’s smaller size means it’s simpler to access and repair broken parts. This results in a faster repair time. You won’t typically have to wait weeks for repair and maintenance to be completed, losing precious time and profit. 

Save more money

The purchase price of smaller equipment is exponentially less than regular-sized equipment. The price of a regular-sized tractor can cost up to $50,000. Meanwhile, a typical compact tractor will cost about $12,000. If a compact tractor can help you achieve the same tasks as a regular-sized tractor, it will be more cost-effective to purchase the compact size. Remember small is still mighty. In fact, smaller can be better and more accommodating for diverse landscaping projects. 

Get more versatile job opportunities

Many landscapers opt to purchase compact equipment so they can complete a variety of projects. Luxury hotels, high-end homes, and shopping centers are profitable landscaping projects that potentially require compact equipment due to location and available surface area. Don’t miss out on exciting opportunities because you only have regular-sized equipment as a toolset. Compact equipment is a valuable investment that will pay for itself many times over.

Purchase Compact Equipment at TriGreen 

When you’re ready to shop for your next landscaping project, visit your local TriGreen store, shop online, or contact us. We have a huge selection of compact equipment perfect for any landscaping project. We’ll also advise you on the proper implements that can transform your equipment into a more versatile tool. We look forward to helping you diversify your landscaping and construction equipment toolset. 

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