TriGreen Employees Reflect on 100 Years of the John Deere Tractor

posted on Thursday, June 14, 2018 in TriGreen News

Employees in Tennessee and Alabama take pride in their farm and lawn equipment roots

historic-tractorWhile the John Deere company was founded in 1837 as a manufacturer of agricultural tools like shovels and pitchforks, its business grew to include plows, planters and cultivators before pivoting to the tractor business in 1918. That was the year Deere solidified its future by acquiring Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company and their popular Waterloo Boy tractor.

Today, John Deere has become ingrained as part of the fabric of America by being a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential farm and landscape equipment, and it continues to lead the way in innovations used from sea to shining sea—as well as around the globe.

The John Deere company is celebrating their tractor centennial with exhibits across the country. The John Deere Tractor & Engine Museum in Waterloo, IA, will display 100 tractors and engines. The Riverfront Museum in Peoria, IL, will present Smithsonian’s John Deere steel plow, the oldest known in existence, dating back to 1838! The Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. will also have an exhibit marking John Deere’s entry into the tractor market and exploring the role tractors continue to play in feeding a growing world.

To celebrate in our neck of the woods, we asked employees at TriGreen what the John Deere tractor’s 100th anniversary means to them, our customers and the future.

Here are some of our favorite answers:

historic-trigreen-tractor-dealer“John Deere being around for 100 years means strength and stability. They didn’t pop up overnight, and they’re going to be around for a long time to come. Most of all, being around for so long means they’ve built an empire of great products with established support in their dealers.”

Brent Wolfe, Mobile Technician
Scottsboro, AL, location

When I think of John Deere, the first thing to come to mind is family. With my family involved in farming, John Deere is just a part of the family. My uncle said he bled green! Now his son has taken over the family farming business and he bleeds green too. I guess we all do!”

Rita Kent
Admin, Jasper, AL, location

reliable-john-deere-100-yearReliability: customers need a tractor they can trust to get the job done. 100 years of John Deere speaks for itself.

Braden Garrels
Sales, Cookeville, TN, location

“When I started working at TriGreen, a friend of mine said, ‘John Deere is tried and true.’ John Deere’s reputation for providing quality equipment is known around the world. Having confidence and pride in what you’re selling makes one’s job more enjoyable and satisfying.”

Jon Collins
Sales, Athens, AL, location

future-john-deere-tractor-100-yearIn the next 100 years, I see John Deere moving more into automated farming technology as they have done with so many other advancements in the past. I think we’ll see self-driving farm equipment operating in the fields as the everyday norm!”

Ben Hathaway
Field Service TechnicianColumbia, TN, location

Now, we want to know, what does the John Deere tractor mean to you?

How has a John Deere tractor helped you dream bigger and do more? What do you anticipate for John Deere tractors in the next century? Share your thoughts with us. We’ll post some of our favorite responses on our Facebook page, and we may even reward you with a free hat for participating.

Thanks in advance for sharing what makes John Deere a special portion of your life.

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100 Years of John Deere Tractor
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