5 Tips to Setup Your Home Workshop


Looking to set up a home workshop to support your business or hobby? The process for creating a home workshop can be overwhelming, but we’ve streamlined it into five essential tips you need to know. Discover how to set up the perfect home workshop here!  

Choose the Right Location 

The first step to creating your home workshop is to choose the perfect location. The ideal site will give you plenty of space to efficiently work on different types of projects. The following are three ideal locations for easily creating your home workshop. 

The Garage 

The garage is a popular location for home workshops. This is because it is separate from the rest of the home, giving you the privacy and focus to work on your projects. Also, the garage doors make it easier to bring tools and raw materials into your workshop instead of bringing them through your house, which can disrupt the rest of your family. The garage is a great place to establish your workshop.    

The Basement 

The basement is another popular location for home workshops. Some basements can be soundproof, which is an added benefit. However, beware of moisture and dampness in a basement. Moisture can damage your tools and materials. A ventilator and dehumidifier can help eliminate excess moisture.    

Free-Standing Area

If your backyard has the room, consider setting up a free-standing workshop. This is a separate shed, outdoor unit, or structure that can function as your workshop. 

If you build a unit from scratch, you may need to get building permits, inspections and pay additional property taxes. However, the opportunity to have a bigger space that you don’t need to share with your car or furniture may be worth the additional expense that comes with creating a free-standing workshop. 

Design Your Space

To make sure you are making the most of any space, it’s a good idea to design the layout of your workshop beforehand. You can either hand draw your layout or design it on a computer. As you design, keep in mind the types of projects you’ll be working on so you can create a logical workflow.

Establish an Efficient Workflow 

A workflow is the figurative and literal steps you take to complete a project. It’s important to keep this in mind as you design your workshop because it will help you streamline your tasks, minimize delays, prevent interruptions, and increase productivity. 

For example, many woodworkers design their workshop for quick access to tools. On one side of the workshop are the chop saw and table saw. The other side of the workshop has cabinets and computers.

Bonus tips to create a better workflow: 

  • Install a pegboard on both sides of your workshop for easy access to tools. 
  • Purchase workbenches with drawers so you can store tools and raw materials in these easy-to-reach drawers.   

Get Organized and Declutter

Whether your workshop occupies a small space in a garage or is a free-standing area separate from your home, you need to declutter and organize your space. Clear your space of unrelated items such as gym equipment, children’s toys, and furniture. As soon as you declutter, you’ll be able to see how much space you have and how you can use it to create the perfect workshop. 

Light Up Your Space 

Proper lighting not only helps brighten your workspace - allowing for efficient and safe work - but it also helps smaller spaces feel bigger. Popular lighting choices for workshops include LED lighting like the Bbounder 5000K LED Utility Shop Light or the light panel option, LHKNL 12000.

Plug In

As you set up your workshop, don’t forget about the outlets and extension cords you may need. Install outlets in different areas so you can easily power up. Minimize cord clutter with hook fasteners and loops. This will help keep your workshop clean and minimize the risk of tripping over cords.    

Team Up With TriGreen to Create Your Home Workshop 

Ready to set up your home workshop? Let your local TriGreen team help. From guiding you in your search for the perfect tools to advising you on how to layout your workshop, the experts at TriGreen can help you create the ideal home workshop for your needs. Contact us to learn more.