Best Times to Service Your Equipment

Deere Season

When is the best time to service your John Deere equipment? Whether you’re purchasing a tractor or lawn mower, you’ll want to practice regular maintenance to ensure that your equipment is in good working condition for a long time.

When you follow a regular John Deere service and maintenance schedule, you can minimize your need for costly repairs in the future and ensure your equipment is more efficient today. Explore our recommendations for the best times to service your John Deere tractors and lawnmowers. 

Compact Tractors  

With its small size, but mighty power, a compact tractor can be the petite star of any farm or field. Whatever task you need to tackle, your compact tractor is there to make quick work of it.  

One way to prolong the prime condition of your compact tractor is to perform a daily once-over to check for operational issues. Here are a few things to check for:

  • Does the engine sound strange? 
  • Are there any unusual smells? 
  • Do you see any leaks?
  • Do any machine gears like the brake or accelerator get stuck? Do they run smoothly? 

In addition to daily maintenance, you’ll also want to track your compact tractor’s working hours. This is because service for your John Deere equipment is recommended per hours worked, not by miles driven. Once your compact tractor has worked the following hours, you should schedule a regular maintenance appointment or check-up. 

  • First 50 hours worked. Although your new compact tractor will be in good working condition on arrival, it’s important to get it serviced after the first 50 hours of work. After the first 50 hours, you’ll want to:
    • Change the engine oil
    • Check all filters and fluids
    • Clean screens
    • Check belts and brakes 

After this initial service, consult your compact tractor’s manual for the next recommended service times. If you’ve lost your manual, many manufacturers have reference guides or manuals available online.

  • Every 100 hours worked. Most manufacturers recommend getting your compact tractor serviced every 100 hours.  
  • Every 300-500 hours worked. The next service point will fall in the range of every 300-500 hours worked. At this stage, your transmission may require a tune-up. Check your manual for additional check-up points. 

Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) 

Service for UTVs can vary for each manufacturer. However, it’s commonly recommended to get your UTV serviced after the first 25 hours worked and then every six months after that. How much you use your UTV and the intensity of its daily workload can also change how often service will be needed. Consult your UTV’s manual for additional service information.    

Lawn Mowers

If you’re tired of searching for lawn mower repair services near you, follow a regular lawn mower service schedule. The best time to service a lawn mower is at the beginning of spring before you start mowing. Then again at the end of the season to make sure your lawn mower is in good working condition for next year. 

Construction Equipment

The best time to service your compact excavator is every six months. However, as with all construction equipment, it’s important to do daily and weekly checks of your excavator. This includes monitoring fluids and inspecting the drive belt and track tension as well as ensuring all implements are functioning smoothly.  

Tractor and Lawn Mower Service From TriGreen 

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