Used Equipment FAQs

Whether you are buying used equipment for the first time or frequently shop second-hand, you may have concerns or questions about your next purchase. At TriGreen, we are passionate about empowering our customers with knowledge. So, we are answering frequently asked questions about used equipment to help you make a better purchase.   

When should I buy used new equipment?

There are a number of different reasons why purchasing used equipment can be a worthwhile investment. Used equipment is generally in stock and ready to ship, whereas new equipment can have longer lead times, leading to more downtime for your operations. Used equipment is also sold at a reduced cost compared to new equipment. The shorter lead time and reduced price means you’re likely to get a faster return on your investment.

What are the benefits of buying used equipment?

Purchasing used equipment can help you save time and money in so many ways. Here are three major benefits of buying previously used equipment. 

  • Save more money. The price tag for used equipment is significantly lower than buying new. In addition, purchasing second-hand machines helps you avoid the high depreciation cost paid by the previous owner. 
  • Experience less downtime. If you got efficient work out of a previous John Deere model and can find the same one to purchase again, you won’t need to waste time learning how to operate the features of a new model. This cuts down on the potential downtime you can experience when familiarizing yourself with new equipment. 
  • Higher resale value. If you keep your used equipment in good condition, it will hold a high resale value when you are ready to sell. Your previously owned equipment saves you money at your initial purchase and can help you make a profit during a resale.  

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What’s the best price -- used or new equipment?

There is no “best” price when it comes to the purchase of equipment, used or new. The lower price is always going to be more attractive, especially if it allows you to come in under your budget. But value is more important than cost. If you are purchasing new equipment, it is going to depreciate as soon as you use it, whereas purchasing used equipment means the previous owner has already assumed the brunt of the depreciated value. Focus on finding the right price, rather than the best, that is going to maximize your return on investment.

How much money will I save buying used equipment?

Depending on the type of equipment and the dealer you buy from, you have the potential to save 50% or more on used equipment.

Where can I buy used equipment?

Visit any one of our 29 locations throughout Alabama and Tennessee, where one of our 400 employees can help you find the used John Deere equipment you need. Each location offers a sizable variety of used compact tractors, second-hand lawn mowers, and more.

Do you only carry used John Deere equipment?

The majority of our used equipment is manufactured by John Deere, but our inventory includes used equipment from more than two dozen different manufacturers.

What types of used equipment do you carry?

TriGreen offers a wide variety of used equipment, including, but not limited to, row crop, utility, and compact utility tractors, combines, corn and row crop headers, square balers, mowers for lawn and garden,  ATVs and Gators, attachments and more.

How do I know I’m getting a quality used machine?

One of the risks of buying used is the uncertainty of purchasing a quality machine. One way to ensure you buy a used machine that will last you for many years is to buy from a reputable dealer like TriGreen. At a dealership, used equipment is cared for by knowledgeable technicians who skillfully restore and repair machines to optimal condition. 

In addition, some manufacturers like John Deere enforce a strict 100+ point inspection for used equipment before it can be resold to the public. This comprehensive inspection process ensures the integrity of a used machine and gives the customer peace of mind in finalizing their purchase. Check with your local John Deere dealer to see if they participate in the used equipment inspection process.

What should I look for in a visual inspection?

When buying used equipment, it is important to do a visual inspection to confirm the condition of the machine. Here is what you should look for in a visual inspection:

  • Poor maintenance. If you see worn belts, loose pins, or low oil levels these are the first signs of damage that could result in extensive repairs in the future.
  • Brake or engine problems. If there are any issues with the brakes or engine it’s better to pass on purchasing the equipment. Engine and brake repairs are very expensive and not worth the investment if all the money you saved buying second-hand equipment will inevitably go to repair work.
  • Tire wear. Check that the tires do not have any punctures, leaks, or sloppy repair work. Ensure they are inflated and the lug nuts are tight. 
  • Cracks or rust. Signs of rust or cracks could indicate internal damage. Request further investigation if you see these visible signs on the machine. 
  • Engine exhaust. If the engine is dispelling white, black, or blue vapors, it is a sign there may be major internal issues. Do a deeper investigation of the engine if this is the case.    
  • Damaged safety features. You want to ensure your equipment will keep you safe in any working condition. If safety features like steps, handrails, horns, or lights are broken, it’s likely it will not be a valuable purchase for you. Always confirm the equipment features adhere to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.

How often does used equipment need to be serviced or repaired?

For regularly scheduled maintenance, consult the operator’s manual for your equipment and check for suggested service intervals. Proper equipment maintenance is critical to extending the lifespan of your equipment and maintaining productivity. Be proactive about service and repair for your used equipment, as neglecting small issues can often lead to costly repairs.

Purchase Your Used Equipment At TriGreen

Now that we’ve addressed your initial questions about buying used, your next question may be: Where do I buy used equipment? The answer: TriGreen. We’ve helped farmers, property owners, and land managers nationwide find the perfect used equipment for any budget and job. 

Browse our used equipment options online, contact us over the phone, or visit one of our locations for your next used equipment purchase.