Expectation vs. Reality: Buying Used Equipment

posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 in How To

Balancing your budget, increasing your profitability, and improving efficiency is a must for any industry, especially the farming industry. This is why a farmer’s best-kept secret is to buy used equipment. Contrary to popular belief, there’re advantages to buying used vs. purchasing new. In this article, we will address common buying misconceptions and the three benefits of buying used equipment.

Expectation: Always buy new equipment

Reality: New equipment isn’t always the best choice

If your budget is limited, don’t pressure yourself to buy new equipment. New isn’t always better. Consider that new equipment has new features and gadgetry you need to learn how to use. This can add unnecessary stress to your already hectic day.  It will take time, energy, and trial and error to get comfortable working with a new machine.

If you loved your previous John Deere tractor model, it’s worth looking to see if any dealers are selling the same model at a location near you. Buying used equipment will give you a sense of familiarity. You can start working immediately instead of wasting time learning how to use new equipment. 

Expectation: Buying used heavy equipment will cost more money long term 

Reality: Buying used saves you money in more ways than one

When you buy used, you can save more than half of what you might spend on a new equipment purchase. However, some buyers hesitate to buy used because they believe it will lead to costly repairs. If a used tractor has 5,000 hours or fewer, there’s a lot of life left in it. It is less likely to need repairs. Farmers often shop for machinery that has logged fewer hours. Once the machinery slows down or is in need of repairs, farmers will simply opt to replace it with another used equipment purchase. This continues to save them more money in the long run.  

Another way you’ll save money with used equipment is the lower depreciation cost. When you buy new machinery, you pay a high depreciation cost. However, when you buy a used model you save money because the previous owner already paid the depreciation. If you keep the used equipment in good condition, there may be an opportunity to sell it in the future. Used equipment affords you more opportunities to save and make money rather than spend it. 

Expectation: Quality used equipment is hard to find

Reality: Local dealers have a diverse range of used equipment

Many local dealers specialize in selling used farming equipment. Google keywords like “used tractors for sale near me,” “used compact tractors for sale near me,” “used farm equipment for sale by owner,” to find locations that offer used equipment for sale. Exercise caution when buying outside of an authorized dealer. Individuals may try to sell low-quality used equipment at a decreased price.

How to Buy Quality Used Equipment  

The following tips will help you buy good condition used equipment:

  • Buy from authorized equipment dealers
  • Request maintenance records
  • Ask if the equipment has experienced any previous issues 
  • Take time to do a thorough examination of the equipment: Are there any fluid leaks? Does the engine start smoothly? Does it make strange sounds?

Buy Used Equipment From TriGreen 

If you’ve decided to buy used equipment, your local TriGreen dealer is the best place to start shopping. TriGreen is authorized and specializes in selling both new and used farm equipment. Buyers’ favorites include the 2017 John Deere CP6902014 John Deere 7760, and various John Deere compact tractors.

Visit your local TriGreen store, shop online, or contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can elaborate further on the benefits of buying used equipment. Depending on your needs they may also advise if new equipment is a better choice for you. At TriGreen, you can rest easy knowing you’ll purchase the best new or used equipment on the market. 

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