John Deere Tech Program

What is the John Deere Ag Tech Program?

The John Deere Ag Tech Program is a two-year associate's degree in which you will learn how to troubleshoot, service, repair, and rebuild equipment.

You’ll focus on agriculture and turf equipment where you will work with top-notch schools to gain the skill and experience necessary for you to become an essential member of TriGreen.


Courses will cover diesel engines, electronical systems, hydraulics, and more from Tried and True John Deere instructors

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How to Apply & Requirements

Get started now and apply, only 10 Scholarships available for Fall of 2024!

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The Reward

Become a John Deere Service Technician, working on Tried and True equipment, that will be around for the long haul.

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For more information, contact:

Lauren Britton
Corporate Recruiting Manager
(256) 233-0339