STIHL Power EquipmentSTIHL is the #1 selling brand of gasoline-powered handheld outdoor power equipment in the United States. Twenty-five TriGreen Equipment locations are authorized STIHL dealers, offering a full line of STIHL outdoor power tools, including battery-powered and electric equipment, that you can’t find in the big box stores.

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Outdoor Power Tools and Landscaping Equipment

STIHL outdoor equipment is built for reliability and performance, using the highest-quality metals and innovative polymers. Their industry-leading outdoor power tools are preferred by professionals and designed for everyday use around your home.


STIHL produces the top-selling chainsaws in the world. With a wide variety of options designed specifically for homeowners, professionals, farmers, and ranchers, there’s a STIHL chainsaw for your cutting needs.

Trimmers and Brushcutters

When you need to put the finishing touches on your lawn or tame the weeds, STIHL weedeaters cut back the growth with ease. For heavier brush or professional use, brushcutters and clearing saws are lightweight, easy-to-use, hardworking tools.

Blowers and Shredder Vacuums

Whether you own a small lot or an acreage, STIHL blowers help keep your property clear of debris. Choose from a selection of handheld blowers, backpack blowers, or shredder vacs to fit your lot size.

Edgers and Bed Redefiners

STIHL edgers and bed redefiners give your curbs, sidewalks, landscaping, and flower beds a crisp, clean cut for a professional-looking finish. Both homeowner and professional edgers offer adjustable wheels, excellent balance, and ergonomic controls.

Pressure Washers

Deck, siding, patio, driveway, walkway, truck, equipment — keep all of your property clean. STIHL pressure washers combine power and versatility to complete any power washing project.


Sprayers let you mist or dust your lawn and landscaping plants to prevent pests and disease. With backpack and handheld options, STIHL sprayers allow you to cover a lot of land or get up close to your shrubs, bushes, flowers, and gardens.

Hedge Trimmers

Remove overgrowth and keep your hedges clean and shaped with an electric, battery-powered, or gas STIHL hedge trimmer. The entire line is designed for precise trimming and long-term reliability.

Pruners and Tree Trimming Tools

Proper pruning preserves the health and appearance of your trees. STIHL has a pruning tool to match every need, including pole pruners, pruning saws, hand pruners, shears, loppers, and axes. 

Wet/Dry Vacuums

Garage, shed, or shop — wherever you work, a wet/dry vac can keep your work area clean. STIHL’s selection of homeowner and professional wet/dry vacuums and accessories give you the tools to clean up faster and quieter.    

Lawn Mowers

Perfect for small yards in the city or the suburbs, STIHL battery-powered lawn mowers operate quietly and maneuver easily in tight spaces. Interchangeable battery packs let you recharge in seconds to finish the job.

Construction Tools

STIHL’s line of industry-leading construction equipment is built to handle the toughest job sites. Whether you’re a contractor or an accomplished home improver, these construction tools give you a combination of power and reliability to complete your work.

Cut-off Machines

Granite, concrete, and steel are no match for the blades of a cut-off machine. The superior power and convenient controls of STIHL concrete saws make them the #1 cut-off machines in the world.

Concrete Cutters

Professional-grade concrete cutters power through concrete, cinder blocks, masonry and other job site materials. STIHL concrete cutters are lightweight and compact so you can maneuver them for deep cutting and square corners.

Augurs and Drills

Gas-powered yet lightweight and portable, STIHL drills and augers are designed for versatile jobs on both construction sites and landscaping projects. Earth augers allow you to drill post holes with ease. Wood boring drills are ideal for building docks, retaining walls, fences, and outbuildings.

Oils, Lubricants, and Fuels

To keep your STIHL power equipment running strong, you need the right fuel. Premium-quality oils, lubricants, and premixed fuels keep the engines on your power tools in peak condition.