Tillage & Harvesting

From preparing your seedbeds for the season to harvesting a bumper crop, John Deere has a large selection of agricultural equipment to help you get the job done. The current tillage equipment lineup is the broadest in the history of the brand. Combine that with several different types of harvesting equipment, and you can find exactly what you need for a successful growing season no matter your crop.

Tillage Equipment

John Deere tillage equipment is designed to make you more productive. There’s a wide selection of tillage tools to help you cover more ground and get more out of your soil. Disk, ripper, vertical tillage, field cultivator, chisel plow, mulch finisher, or seedbed finisher — there’s a tillage solution to help you create the ideal seedbed faster. 


When it’s time to harvest, you need the tools to get the crops out of your field quickly and efficiently. Conditions can change and put your yield at risk. John Deere harvesters combine high-performance capabilities with smart technology so you strike when the time is right and get the best harvest possible. Whatever you grow, there’s crop-specific harvesting equipment for your needs:

  • Combines – John Deere combine harvesters have tools to compensate for the changing conditions to maximize your yield.
  • Headers – A variety of corn heads, drapers, and cutting platforms help you cut and gather crops with ease.
  • Windrowers – Self-propelled windrowers cut efficiently on and off the ground, with quality, to deliver even windrows every time.
  • Cotton Harvesters – John Deere cotton pickers and strippers use non-stop harvesting technology that help you reduce labor, fuel, and machine costs.