Planting & Seeding

The way a crop is planted has a major impact on its yield. John Deere was way ahead of its time when it revolutionized planting season with its first planter in 1877. As the world’s largest producer of planters and seeders, John Deere is still innovating and expanding its line of planters, air drills, air hoe drills, no-till drills, air seeders, and box drills.


When you buy a John Deere planter, you get best-in-class agricultural machinery from the company who started it all. Whether you’re looking for a new field planter or a row unit or performance upgrade kit to take to improve seed placement, spacing, and emergence, we’ve got you covered.

Air Seeders and Air Drills

Air seeding equipment offers a variety of options and adaptations to provide the best seed placement for your field conditions. TriGreen Equipment has a full set of John Deere air drills, air seeders, commodity carts, and air seeding technology to help you get the most out of every small grain seed you plant.

Box Drills

The John Deere Conventional-Till Drill Series offers an array of box drills designed specifically for the crops you produce. The equipment experts at Trigreen can help you decide whether an integral drill, front-folding grain drill, or end-wheel grain drill is the best choice for your cash crops.