Crossover UTVs

Ultimate Series, ultimate performance. Gator™ Crossover Utility Vehicles offer best-in-class ride quality, superior terrain capability, and the power to perform in any environment. 

With a list of more than 20 models ranging from 16 to 60 horsepower, you can find the best crossover UTV for your needs. And when you order from us, you can pick up your John Deere Gator XUV at your nearest TriGreen location or have it delivered to you.

Mid-Size Gator XUVs

Big things come in small packages. Gator mid-size crossover side-by-sides provide up to 500-pound cargo handling capability and 1,200-pound payload capacity in a frame designed for narrow spaces. The length of the vehicle is also short, giving you great ride quality and impressive turn of speed for both 2-passenger and 4-passenger UTV models.

Full-Size Gator XUVs

Upgrade the size and performance of your side-by-side. Full-size John Deere crossover UTVs are a step up: 1,000-pound cargo capacity, 2,000-pound towing capability, and up to 54 horsepower. Depending on the model, you can carry two, three, or four passengers in your Gator XUV. Add a factory-installed cab to comfortably drive your all-terrain crossover UTV in all weather.