Precision Farming Solutions

StarFire™ Receiver 20-2 Mandatory Update

Quality agricultural equipment has always been an important part of the productivity equation. You have to look at more than what’s on the outside or under the hood. Modern ag equipment uses precision farming technology to enhance your productivity. With John Deere precision ag technology solutions, you can stay connected to your machine and gain unmatched insights that improve your yield.

Information Management

All of the data you collect from your precision agriculture technology can help you make better decisions — if you manage it properly. John Deere Information Management solutions like the Operations Center and JDLink™ allow you to collect, analyze, and share valuable data in real-time.

Field and Crop Solutions

Precision technologies can also help you manage the valuable resources that affect your yield. Our field and crop technology solutions let you monitor your soil, water, and crops so you can make informed decisions at the right time to boost productivity.


Automate your tractor and implements for improved efficiency and accurate inputs. Hands-free, GPS-based tractor guidance systems help you save on inputs. John Deere tractors new and old can use guidance technology to save time and money during planting, fertilizing, seeding, harvesting, and more.

Displays and Receivers

Displays literally put productivity into your hands. Choose from a variety of touchscreens to control application rates, fuel economy, inputs, and more with reliability you can trust. Paired with a receiver, you can boost the accuracy of your insights.