Sprayers & Nutrient Application

When it comes to being the best at maximizing the yield and profitability of your crops, other manufacturers need not apply. John Deere has the industry’s most comprehensive line of agricultural spraying and application equipment — all with the latest technology, fully integrated.

Nutrient Applicators

Nutrient management is critical to the health of your soil and the growth and yield of your crops. John Deere application technology ensures that every drop is placed to positively impact your crop. Choose from a variety of applicators to cover more rows and get more precise in your application of fertilizer and crop performance materials.

Sprayers and Spreaders

John Deere sprayers offer everything you need for full-season spraying. They come in compact sizes for small farms or with booms up to 132 feet wide to precisely deliver consistent coverage of liquid product in a single pass. Or aim for efficiency with a drawn dry spreader to drop two different dry products, like fertilizer and pesticide, in one pass.