Traditional UTVs

Traditional Gator™ Utility Vehicles are fun to drive, but that’s where the fun ends. These UTVs are designed for one thing: hard work. John Deere’s line of traditional work vehicles offers best-in-class work capability, comfort, power, and performance. With 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive and 6x4 configurations, there’s a John Deere Gator UTV for all types of work.

Traditional Series Utility Vehicles

John Deere T-Series UTVs are workhorses, plain and simple. They deliver supreme efficiency and safety without compromising comfort. Traditional Series utility vehicles work hard to help you get the job done right but aren’t hard on your grass — perfect for farms, residential properties, landscaping, and grounds maintenance.

Work Series Utility Vehicles

The John Deere Gator Work Series lives up to its name, providing unmatched productivity and speed. They’re the fastest traditional utility vehicles, able to go up to 25 miles per hour while staying productive, towing 1,300 pounds or carrying 1,400 pounds of payload. When you have a lot of ground to cover, a Work Series machine can help get your jobs done quicker.

equipment 1
HPX615E Work Series Utility Vehicle
Starting at: $14,899.00
equipment 2
HPX815E Work Series Utility Vehicle
Starting at: $16,599.00
equipment 3
TE 4x2 Electric Utility Vehicle
Starting at: $15,499.00
equipment 5
TH 6x4 Gas Traditional Utility Vehicle
Starting at: $13,299.00
equipment 6
TX 4x2 Traditional Utility Vehicle
Starting at: $10,949.00