Compact Utility Tractors

Don't let the size of these compact utility tractors fool you. John Deere's compact tractors are packed with high torque engines, easy two pedal transmissions, and best in class integrated cab that is second to none. 

These tractors are able to handle any job, whether it be maintaining a road or leveling parts of your land. Shopping for a compact utility tractor can be a little intimidating, with the amount of small tractors that saturate the market currently. Here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind while shopping for a John Deere compact utility tractor:

Compact utility tractors made for tough jobs:


The most important part to decide on is your budget. What can you afford, and what do you need a tractor for? The base models can range anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000, but we can offer flexible payment options, if you desire.


It's recommended you have 4x4 on your compact tractor. What attachments will you need? A backhoe or a front loader? How about a mower? Many of our tractors incorporate iMatch™ and AutoHitch™ compatibility, meaning attachments can be swapped quickly and easily.

Compare the John Deere compact tractors that we have for sale here at TriGreen Equipment. Talk to us today to get help finding the perfect tractor for you. With our outstanding selection and 29 locations across Alabama, and Tennessee, we're bound to have something that meets your needs. We also provide consistent customer service that sets us apart from any other equipment dealer and not only keeps us invested in our customers but keeps our customers invested in TriGreen Equipment.