New Equipment FAQs

What brands of new equipment do you carry?

TriGreen Equipment is proud to stock quality machinery from a variety of brands, however most of our equipment is manufactured by John Deere, Honda, and Stihl.

When should I buy new equipment?

The choice to buy new equipment depends on the best interests of your operations. Generally, new equipment is less likely to require expensive repairs, protected by the manufacturer’s warranty, features the latest in innovative technology, and can provide tax advantages since new equipment is considered a capital asset investment.

Where should I buy new equipment?

Visit any one of our locations throughout Alabama and Tennessee, where one of our 550 employees can help you find the new John Deere equipment you need.

How can I finance new equipment?

TriGreen Equipment finances new and used agricultural, landscaping and grounds care, and residential equipment through John Deere Financial.

When should I repair equipment?

Knowing when it is better to repair or replace your equipment is critical to getting the most from your investments. Replacing machinery too soon can potentially waste money. However, repairing equipment that requires frequent service will also cost you.

Equipment is an investment. Therefore, the decision of whether to repair or replace equipment should focus on the return you can get from your initial investment and the machinery's services. Consider consulting with a service manager at one of our service departments to determine if a repair would be cost-effective.

Where should I buy new equipment parts?

Finding the part that is designed specifically for the exact make and model of your machine -- at the right price -- isn’t always easy. Fortunately, TriGreen stocks parts designed specifically for John Deere equipment, with knowledgeable parts specialists at each of our 30 locations.

If you have additional questions regarding new equipment, please contact us using the form below.