ECHO's logo, in black and orange.ECHO is a leading manufacturer of high quality, fuel efficient handheld outdoor power equipment. TriGreen’s Dickson, TN location is an ECHO Servicing Dealer, carrying and offering service for a broad selection of ECHO products.

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Outdoor Power Equipment

When it comes to quiet, fuel-efficient outdoor power equipment, ECHO is hard to beat. Their company’s products are designed with comfort and simplicity in mind, and it shows.

Chainsaws & Power Pruners

ECHO’s chainsaws feature vibration reduction technology and ergonomic design that completely change the cutting experience, all while retaining excellent durability and performance. Their power pruners are lightweight come in fixed or telescopic options that let you reach even higher.

Trimmers & Brushcutters

Long days of clearing brush can be tough. ECHO’s lightweight, powerful trimmers will get you through the day with less strain, and more work done.

Hedge Trimmers

Get caught up on unkempt hedges with a battery, electric or gas-powered ECHO hedge trimmer. ECHO’s hedge trimmers are designed with comfort in mind, helping keep your hands away from your hedges.

Blowers & Leaf Vacuums

Whether clearing your yard, driveway, or putting green, ECHO’s blowers get the job done. ECHO created some of the world’s first widely used blowers and has since maintained a strong place in the market.

Power Sprayers

You don’t have to pump ECHO’s power sprayers to keep pressure. These come equipped with a high-quality gas-powered motor that won’t weigh you down while delivering constant pressure.

Construction Tools

Engine Cutters

ECHO’s concrete saws are built to last. Their patented 4-stage air filtration system and high-torque gear cases mean you get excellent performance and durability, inside and out.

Augers & Drills

Whether it’s drilling through earth, ice or concrete, ECHO’s auger and engine drill feature robust construction to get through just about everything you throw at them.