Compact Track Loader vs. Skid Steer Loader

posted on Monday, October 10, 2022 in How To

Compact Track Loader

Are you preparing for your next construction, landscaping, or agriculture project? Need to decide between using a compact track loader or a skid steer loader? Explore the benefits of each type of machine so you can choose the best one for your next project. 

What is a Compact Track Loader?

A compact track loader is a type of skid steer that provides greater stability and a higher lifting capacity than a skid steer load. This is because the track loader runs on two parallel tracks instead of wheels. Numerous attachments are available that can transform this compact machine into a digger, lifter, or bulldozer in minutes.  

Benefits of Using a Compact Track Loader

  • Stability on soft terrains. The compact track loader’s rubber tracks make it smooth and easy to work with in soft, uneven, muddy, and snowy ground.    
  • Reduced site damage and cleanup. In addition to smooth operation in soft terrains, compact track loaders minimize damage to your work surfaces. Unlike other machines that may tear up the earth with their tires or leave behind deep ruts in a lawn, the compact track loader reduces site damage. This means less cleanup after a job is done.  
  • Strong lifting capabilities. Because of its stability, a compact track loader can lift more weight than a skid steer loader. Compact track loaders can lift over 3,000 lbs. 

What is a Skid Steer Loader?

A skid steer loader – also known as a skid steer, skid loader or wheel loader – is a compact four-wheel machine used primarily for digging jobs. Similar to a compact track loader, the machine can be adapted to numerous landscaping tasks by applying different attachments.

Benefits of Using a Skid Steer Loader 

  • Smooth on hard surfaces. If you’re working on concrete or asphalt surfaces, a skid steer loader’s heavy-duty tires allow smooth operation. 
  • Speed. A skid steer loader’s tires allow it to move faster than a compact tractor loader. If you need speed, choose a skid-steer loader.
  • Less expensive. If your budget is tight and you're in need of a heavy-duty machine, a skid steer is a cost-efficient choice. Skid steers can cost 20% -30% less than compact tractor loaders.  

As you can see, both compact track and skid steer loaders have many benefits. When choosing one over the other, it’s important to consider the types of jobs you will be working on and the terrain of your work site. These two conditions will be the deciding factors for your purchase.  

Purchase a Compact Track Loader or Skid Steer Loader at TriGreen 

If you’re still undecided between a compact track loader and a skid steer, contact your local TriGreen team to help. We’re available over the phone, online and in store locations. We look forward to helping you choose the best equipment for your next project.

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