Making Money With Your Compact Tractor

posted on Monday, August 15, 2022 in How To

Compact Tractor

Did you know your small tractor can help you make big bucks? Compact tractors are the machine of choice when contractors, farmers, and property managers take on additional jobs to expand their streams of revenue. Discover the four ways you can make money with your compact tractor.


Compact tractors are ideal for gardening tasks. This is due to their smaller frame which makes it easier for compact tractors to maneuver tight spaces. Compact tractor implements (attachments) can also diversify your compact tractor’s gardening abilities. Rotary tillers, plows, and front blades can help tackle tedious gardening tasks quickly.

If your neighbors are gardening enthusiasts, but don’t have the right tools like a compact tractor to create the garden of their dreams, consider offering them your services. You’ll be your community’s gardening hero in no time!

Brush and Weed Removal

Overgrown weeds, brush, and pasture can make a property look neglected and mismanaged. However, removing them from your land can be a tricky task if you don’t have the right machinery and implements. This is why taming weeds is such a profitable job. A compact tractor operator can easily remove overgrown brush with a rotary cutter implement. Simply connect it to your compact tractor and it will cut through the toughest weeds.

Hauling and Lifting

With the right compact tractor attachments, your machine can lift items and move them to different locations. A front fork implement can lift heavy pallets. A front end loader attachment allows you to move piles of dirt or gravel quickly. Hefty bags of feed are no match for a compact tractor’s lifting capacities. Why not make extra cash without breaking your back?


In addition to keeping overgrowth at bay, compact tractors are great for mowing jobs. Connect a grooming mower attachment to your compact tractor and you can be hired to mow lawns, golf courses, and athletic fields. Some mowing attachments may also have cutting adjustment features, so you can customize the height you want grass to be cut.

Purchase Compact Tractors at TriGreen

When you’re ready to take on extra jobs and need a compact tractor to help you tackle these professional projects, visit your local TriGreen dealer. Our team can help you upgrade your existing compact tractor into a multi-functional tool with different attachments. If you need a new compact tractor, we can help you pick the best one for your needs.

Contact us to learn more about purchasing compact tractors at TriGreen.

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