Pros & Cons: Closed Or Open Station Tractors?

posted on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 in How To

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When purchasing a tractor there are many sizes, brands, varieties, and accessories to consider.

One choice you might need to make is between a close or open station tractor. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each option so you know which one is the right choice for you.

Pros of a Closed Tractor

Protection From the Elements

A closed tractor, also known as a cab tractor, will protect you from the elements. This means keeping the sweltering sun, dust, snow, and rain off you while you work diligently in the fields, orchards, forest, or woods. Cabs can also protect you from pesky mosquitoes, dangerous bees, and seasonal insects that bite or sting.

Comfortable Working Conditions

In addition to getting protection from the weather, your cab tractor lets you work more comfortably. How? Because an interior air conditioner and heater can be installed in your cab. This allows you to stay cool in the summer and warm during the winter.

Cons of a Closed Tractor

Increased Cost

A cab tractor can cost twice as much as its open station counterpart. In addition to the initial cost, repairs and maintenance can be costly too. Consider your current and future budget before purchasing a cab.

Harder to Enter and Exit

If you are 6 feet or taller, you may need to duck down to avoid hitting your head when you get in and out of your cab. Although a minor inconvenience, it can cause serious head injuries, if you are not careful. Most individuals enjoy the freedom of easily entering and exiting their open station tractor.

Storage Issues

Enclosed cab tractors are usually 8 feet tall. This can lead to storage problems because standard storage spaces and garages are no more than 7 feet. Because of this, tractor owners may need to park their tractor outside. Open station tractors are smaller and can fit into a regular storage unit. Depending on your storage space height, you may need to consider how and where you will store your cab tractor.

Pros of an Open Station Tractor

Less of an Expense

Open station tractors may cost 50% less than a cab. This is why many tractor shoppers decide to purchase one. The extra savings can be used to buy tractor attachments or other equipment.

Better Visibility

Because there are no doors or additional parts to obstruct your view, you have better visibility while working in an open station tractor. You’ll be able to see your front loader or bucket. Having a 360-degree view will help you work more efficiently.

Cons of an Open Station Tractor

Exposure to Harsh Weather Conditions

You never know when Mother Nature might turn against you. In an open station tractor, there is no protection from the sun, or sudden rain. There’s also a high likelihood you’ll be inhaling more dust while working in an open station tractor. Being out in the open exposes you to the unpleasant side of nature.

Less Space for Personal Items

In addition to being more vulnerable to harsh weather, you may also make yourself more susceptible to theft or misplacing personal items. Without doors and locks, you don’t have the option to leave behind items in an open station tractor. This means you might need to carry all your personal items. Not having a safe place to store valuable items can make it more likely you might misplace them.

Purchase Closed or Open Station Tractors at TriGreen

If you need help deciding or you're ready to make a tractor purchase, visit your local TriGreen store, shop online, or contact us. TriGreen has a huge selection of tractors. Discuss your needs and working conditions with a knowledgeable TriGreen representative who can help you make the right decision.

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