Top UTV Attachments

posted on Friday, September 30, 2022 in How To

Gator Attachment

Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) are often pitted against tractors as the lesser machine, but it’s not true. With the right attachments and accessories, you can transform your UTV into a multi-purpose tool that will rival a tractor’s functionality. Learn the top six UTV attachments you should consider purchasing.

Power Loader

This front-end attachment will make lifting heavy items easy. A power loader can lift sandbags, hay bales, and mineral blocks. Without this attachment, your UTV is missing a vital function.

Rear Blades

Rear blades are popular attachments for compact tractors so it makes sense that they’re necessary tools for UTVs too. Most rear blades can be angled in different directions and some are reversible. When you need to move dirt, use a rear blade to get the job done.

Landscape Rake

Simplify your tasks with a landscape rake. Use it to level your ground, topsoil or gravel driveways. This attachment will help enhance your landscape’s aesthetic and maintain healthy soil.

Sickle-Bar Mowers

Use a sickle-bar mower when you need to mow banks and rough terrain. These attachments can mow in different angles. This attachment is perfect for UTVs because it’s lighter than other mowing tools.

Livestock Feeder

Feeding livestock can feel like a slow, tiresome chore. With this attachment, feed trails behind your UTV, speaking up the feeding process. Most livestock feeders can carry up to 500 pounds of feed.


If spraying is a daily task, consider getting a UTV sprayer. Choose from two sprayer types: boom or boomless.

A boom UTV spray is used to maintain fields and pastures. It minimizes coverage overlap because the sprayers are evenly spaced and closer to the ground.

Boomless sprayers are used to spray ditches and irregular terrain. These sprayers are compact and easier to use than a boom sprayer. Consider where you will need to spray before purchasing a boom or boomless option.

Purchase UTV Attachments at TriGreen

At TriGreen, you’ll find all the must-have UTV attachments to help with your daily tasks. Contact our expert staff to help you online, over the phone or in one of our store locations. We’ll help you find the best UTV accessories for your needs. We look forward to helping you upgrade your UTV into a multi-use powerful machine.

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