5 Factors To Consider When Buying a Used Zero-Turn Mower

posted on Monday, March 6, 2023 in How To

Zero-Turn Mower

A zero-turn mower is a favorite choice for homeowners and property managers who want an efficient machine that offers better maneuverability than other mowers.

As the name suggests, a zero-turn mower's turning radius is zero inches. Meaning it can make sharp turns without backing up like a walk-behind mower, and prevents you from missing patches that need to be mowed.

If you’re shopping for zero- turn mowers for sale near you, discover the five factors to consider before finalizing your purchase.


The engine is one of the most important parts of your zero-turn mower. Whether you are buying used or new, you want to ensure the engine is durable and in good working condition. Zero-turn mower engines come in two types: twin-cylinder or single-cylinder.

Twin-cylinders are more powerful, so they are preferred for large commercial jobs. Single-cylinder engines are great for residential work. Depending on the size of your lawn, property, and the type of mowing jobs, you will want to carefully evaluate which engine is right for you.

Deck Size

Zero-turn mowers come in various mower deck sizes, and the size you’ll need, will again, depend on the size of the property you will be maintaining. Small decks are great for compact lawns because these decks make it easier to make tight turns. Large decks are preferable for bigger lawns and commercial jobs where you need to maintain a large amount of grass.


Blades will be doing the hard work of cutting the grass on your lawn. Whether you are buying a used or new, you want to make sure the blade's cutting quality will be long-lasting and not dull quickly. Carbide steel blades are a popular choice because they are durable and easy to sharpen.


For better performance, zero-turn mowers require different types of tires than other lawn care equipment. For sharper turns and reduced friction, smooth front tires are an optimal choice. The rear tires need to support the weight of the mower's engine and will need to be durable. This is why 3-6 ply tires for your rear wheels is recommended.

Operator Comfort

It’s likely you’ll be working for extended periods of time in your zero-turn mower, so it’s important you are comfortable. When shopping for your mower, you’ll want to test the following features: seat height, armrests, and seat cushion. These elements might seem minor, but they make a major difference in working comfortably.

Buy Your Next Zero-Turn Mower at TriGreen

When you’re ready to purchase your next used zero-turn mower, visit a TriGreen Equipment location near you. We have a large selection of lawn equipment, as well as compact utility tractors, construction equipment, and agriculture machines. Consult our experts to better understand each element of a zero-turn mower including turning radius, deck size, blades, tires, and best features for operator comfort.

At TriGreen, you can be confident that you’ve made the right equipment choice that will help you tackle a variety of tasks. Contact us for more information.

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