Lawn Mower vs Compact Tractor

posted on Thursday, October 22, 2020 in How To

Lawn Mower vs Compact Tractor

Lawn Mower vs Compact Tractor

Landscaping is critical to maintaining any property, whether you own a couple acres or a thousand. Hard work will only get you so far when it comes to property management. If you don’t have the right tool at your disposal, you are setting yourself up for failure -- and a lot more work.

One of the most common questions we receive is whether a property owner should use a lawn mower or a compact tractor to mow their lawn, fields, and pastures. One is not necessarily better than the other, but one is better suited to certain situations than the other and vice versa.

Understanding the fundamental differences between a lawn mower and a compact tractor will help you determine which piece of equipment is the right fit for mowing your property.

Lawn Mowers are Best Suited to Smooth Areas

If your property is three acres or less, a lawn mower is generally an acceptable option as long as you are cutting anything under six inches. Riding lawn mowers are ideal for flatland or hillside areas. Zero-turn mowers, specifically, are ideal for properties with smaller square footage and tighter spaces. They are fast and efficient, allowing you to maneuver in and around obstacles.

Just keep in mind that mowers are designed for lawns and smooth areas. If you are looking to mow uneven surfaces such as rough ground, pastures, or open fields, then you will want to consider going a step up and using a compact tractor.

Compact Tractors are More Versatile

Compared to traditional lawn mowers, compact tractors offer a wider range of use. When used to mow uneven ground, they offer more stability and more maneuverability. But the variety of available attachments are perhaps what sets compact tractors apart. It works effectively as a traditional mower with the addition of a mid-mount mower deck underneath. Otherwise, you can attach a rotary cutter to the back, allowing you to work across open fields and pasture. If you need to move dirt, gravel, or even snow, all a compact tractor needs is a front loader.

If you have a property larger than three acres, expect to be mowing on rough terrain, and plan to operate it for a variety of different uses, a compact tractor is the way to go.

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