New Equipment: Benefits of Buying New

posted on Monday, March 27, 2023 in How To

1025R Compact Tractor

If you are starting a new construction, landscaping, or property management project, you might be considering updating your existing equipment. Some construction business owners may choose to buy new equipment, while landowners might choose to buy used. Is one choice better than the other? Discover the benefits of buying new equipment to see if this is the right purchase decision for you.

Updated Features

One of the best reasons to purchase new equipment is that your machine is designed with the latest features. For example, John Deere’s new 1025R Compact Tractor is built with a “premium operator station” that has deluxe seat suspension and armrests. This feature allows you to work comfortably for longer periods of time. Used compact tractors, on the other hand, may not have this feature.

Improved Efficiency

features also mean better efficiency and increased productivity. The new equipment you’ve been considering may have higher horsepower, more lift capacity, and better technology. All of these combined will help your compact utility tractor or compact track loaders work harder, faster, and longer, allowing you to tackle the most difficult tasks with ease and speed.

Increased Safety

New equipment can also safeguard you from environmental harm or daily operating risks. Some popular safety features include:

  • Step-through flat platforms and fender-mounted handrails to make it easy to safely get on and off your tractor from either side.
  • Tilt steering to keep your arms in a natural position to reduce work fatigue.
  • Color-coded controls for quick identification, conveniently located next to the fenders so you can reach them during an emergency.

With used equipment, there is always the chance that these safety features are not included or may not be operating at a standard level due to wear and tear. However, new equipment typically comes equipped with new safety features that can keep you more secure when tackling daily tasks.

Less Repair Needed

One of the disadvantages of used equipment is that it may require more maintenance and repair. In contrast, new equipment, which is still at the beginning of its life cycle, is less likely to experience as many machine breakdowns. However, you should still regularly maintain and service your equipment to prolong its “new” condition for years to come.

Greater Resale Value

If you need to sell your new equipment soon after purchasing it, you’ll be at an advantage. Newer equipment holds a greater resale value than used machines. This means you’ll likely make a larger profit from your sale.

Buy New Equipment at TriGreen

Whether you decide to buy new or used equipment, TriGreen has a huge selection of both options. Consult a TriGreen expert to learn more about the benefits of buying new equipment or get guidance on making a wise used equipment purchase.

Contact us or visit one of our nearby TriGreen locations for more information.

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