Replacement Parts Guide: The Differences in New and Used Tractor Parts

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Tractors mean so much to the smooth operation of your farm that one minor issue with your machinery can grind everything to a halt.

Breakdowns are bound to happen from time to time. They can leave you scrambling to quickly find a replacement part so you don’t break your timelines or your budget. Fortunately, you have both new and like-new options so you can easily find the replacement tractor part you need to get working again.

New Tractor Parts

When you’ve been getting by with an old compact or utility tractor, the idea of buying a brand-new part might bring some hesitation. After all, wouldn’t a simple repair do the trick? Or couldn’t a used part let you eke out another season of use?

Maybe. But sometimes a replacement part is the best solution. A new tractor part gives you that fresh-off-the-lot performance for whatever was ailing your machine. And it doesn’t have to bust your budget. When you run a John Deere compact or utility tractor, you have choices when you replace a part.

OEM Parts

OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer.” Buying a John Deere OEM part means you’re getting a replacement part that’s built to the exact specs of your John Deere tractor, no matter the model or the number of machine-hours. You get a perfect fit for peak performance and reduced wear compared to an ill-fitting aftermarket part.

An OEM replacement part is the most reliable way to get you up and running. Not only do you get a quality part with the reliability you’d expect from John Deere, but you can count on a reliable distribution network. Whether you work through your local dealer or order parts online with TriGreen Connect, you can pick up the replacement part right away or get it delivered free within a few days.

Aftermarket Parts

An aftermarket replacement part is one sold by another brand that typically makes all kinds of parts for all kinds of equipment. Aftermarket tractor parts are generic. They’re designed to fit all makes of compact and utility tractors. It may fit your machine perfectly. It may be a little loose. It’s a good, cost-effective alternative part option but you may not get the performance and durability of an OEM part.

Instead of taking your chances on any old aftermarket tractor parts, look for A&I tractor parts. John Deere partners with A&I Products so you can get the highest quality aftermarket tractor parts at reasonable prices. There’s a wide selection of parts for compact tractors, row crop tractors — even lawn tractors — so you can easily track down a replacement. 

Used Tractor Parts

If you can’t find the right part at the right price with OEM or A&I parts, the used market may have what you need. Used parts are an appealing option for the price-conscious. But you need to remember that low prices can have other costs. 

“Used” can mean a lot of different things. The replacement part may come from a trusted manufacturer, tractor salvage yard, or any hobbyist with a passion for rebuilding machine parts. It may not even be rebuilt or repaired at all. So you need to pay attention to where the part is coming from and what the supplier is calling it to get the best used part for your tractor. 

Reman Parts

Short for “remanufactured,” Reman parts barely qualify as used. They are designed, rebuilt, and installed by the original manufacturer. With remanufactured parts, not every component is rebuilt or repaired. Many parts are replaced with new parts.

John Deere Reman parts are completely taken apart, carefully inspected for quality and wear, fully restored to the original, factory-quality specifications, and thoroughly tested. So you get the quality, performance, and reliability of a new part at a like-new price.

Rebuilt Parts

There’s no accepted standard or definition for rebuilt parts. Some suppliers may even refer to their products as refurbished parts. Whatever you call them, buying them is risky. 

Rebuilt tractor parts don’t undergo the comprehensive inspection and testing of remanufactured tractor parts. The only thing new may be the component that failed or wore down. And that may be replaced with another used part or an inexpensive aftermarket alternative.

When looking into rebuilt parts for your compact or utility tractor, it’s all about the supplier. You need to understand their process, how they source parts and components, and what warranties are backing their work in order to find a parts supplier you can trust.

Repaired Parts

Repaired tractor parts are, plain and simple, fixed up. Whatever was broken was repaired. Nothing was replaced. A repaired tractor part still has all the wear-and-tear it did before it was fixed, so it offers less reliability and may soon break down again.

How to Find the Best Parts for Your Tractor

Finding replacement parts for your compact or utility tractor may seem as simple as running a search online. In seconds, a long list of parts suppliers appears on your screen.

But a replacement tractor part is usually needed the instant the old one went out. You may not have the luxury of time to vet different suppliers and research all of your OEM, aftermarket, remanufactured, rebuilt, and repaired options.

Your best bet for finding replacement parts for your John Deere tractor is through John Deere. You have your choice of new and Reman tractor parts that are backed by John Deere’s quality standards and warranties. 

Whether you need a replacement part now or can wait a few days, there are a few ways you can get what you need:

It doesn’t matter which way you choose, you’re guaranteed to find a replacement tractor part you can trust.