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Looking for the right piece of lawn or farm equipment but not sure how much power you need? TriGreen let's you pick your power with sales and promotional offers on horsepower sizes from the John Deere 23hp 1-Family to the 25-45hp 3-Family to the 5-Series John Deere Utility tractors that run up to 100hp tractors. Shop for the right tractor online today and request a quote to connect to our equipment specialist who can match your property maintenance needs with the right piece of equipment.

23hp Tractor 

The John Deere 1023E sub-compact tractor is perfect for mowing small properties, grading gravel, loading and unloading mulch and much more.

Small and Compact Tractors

  • Wider wheelbase gives great stability for uneven terrains.
  • Great for home and large property owners to manage all jobs on your land.
  • 6-year powertrain warranty

  • Add attachments for low monthly costs!
  • See more details on the 1023E here.

25hp Tractor

John Deere's 3E-Series tractors were designed for constant usage from loading to mowing and blade work, and rotary tilling--with standard 4WD.

3-Series John Deere Compact

  • Clean and simple operator station is comfy and convenient, even for novice users. 
  • Powerful diesel engine to run a wide array of attachments.
  • 6-year powertrain warranty

  • Great for hobby farmers and managing large properties.
  • See more details on the 3025E here.

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50hp Tractor 

John Deere's 5E-Series utility tractors range from 45-100 horsepower and are great for producers, grounds crews and ranchers.

5-Family John Deere small tractor

  • Great for both full-time and part-time farmers to handle livestock, dairy and modest agricultural operations.
  • 5-year powertrain warranty

  • Front-wheel and four-wheel drive model available.
  • See all 5E-Series models here.

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