Parts & Service FAQs

What services does TriGreen offer?

The service and repair specialists at each of our 29 locations throughout Alabama and Tennessee can perform inspections, repairs, and maintenance on all types of equipment. We also have the ability to pick up your equipment and deliver it back to you once work has been completed.

How can I contact the TriGreen service team?

You can call the listed phone number for the TriGreen dealership closest to you during business hours, or you can visit one of the locations at your convenience and speak to a representative.

Can I buy replacement parts at TriGreen?

Yes, we stock John Deere parts that are specifically designed for John Deer equipment. You can purchase parts at one of our locations or order parts online by signing up for an account with TriGreen Connect.

What parts can I buy at TriGreen?

We keep a large inventory of parts and have next-day availability on many specialty items and accessories. You can search for parts online and find what you need here.

If you have additional questions regarding parts and service, please contact us using the form below.